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 Exalted Ruler: Nick Giurieco

Charity - Justice - Brotherly Love - Fidelity


 Important!!! If you have not received your bulletin and would like to, send an email to middletownelksbulletin@yahoo.com with the email address you want it sent to.





2/1 SCC Spaghetti Dinner

2/3 Cheeseburger In Paradise

2/5 Super Bowl

2/6 Darts

2/7 Cornhole

2/8 MCC Meeting

2/9 Regular Meeting

2/11 Valentines Day Dance

2/12 SCC Valentines Day Party

2/13 Darts

2/14 Cornhole

2/18 Ladies Aux Dance

2/20 Darts

2/22 Ladies Aux Meeting

2/23 Regular Meeting

2/25 Saturday Club

2/27 Darts

2/28 Cornhole

3/1 SCC Spaghetti Dinner

3/6 Darts

3/7 Cornhole

3/8 MCC Meeting

3/9 Regular Meeting

3/12 YAC Breakfast

3/13 Darts

3/14 Cornhole

3/17 St. Patrick's Day

3/18 Ladies Installation

3/20 Darts

3/21 Cornhole

3/23 Regular Meeting

3/25 Saturday Club

3/25 Mens Installation

3/27 Darts

3/28 Cornhole

3/29 Ladies Meeting

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Albert Smith

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Betty Anghelone

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Thanks for stopping by and looking around. The site is getting alot of traffic. Would be great if more signed the guestbook. I'm sure some of you have some ideas that you would like to see at the lodge. Put them out there see what others think. Also if you have any ideas on what you would like to see here feel free to Email me. All feedback is appreciated.

Make sure to check the upcoming events calendar. Be sure to sign ourguest book.

Lodge meets second and fourth Thursday @ 8pm.


251 Church Street                 Belford, NJ              732.495.2733